We challenge the recruitment industry’s reputation for bad practice and poor service

We are hell-bent on changing the rules, therefore we work hard to do one simple thing : to make people happy by fulfilling their career goals
We create our own rules

Human approach
  • We’re interested, we listen, we understand
  • We are treating candidates as people not “placements”
  • We are treating employers as partners not “profit center”
  • We place our personal approach  at the heart of our business and that stands us apart from our competitors
Audaciously different
  • We change the rules and we are proud for that
  • We employe experts not recruiters
  • We are operating with total transparency
  • We don’t work on commission
Expertly informed 
  • Everything we do comes from a position of experience and insight
  • We are a start-up but as proffesionals we have a long history in the industry
  • We always want to learn in order to be able to do the best for our candidates and our clients
Team working spirit
  • Team work – because the team, works! And team-play always trumps us-play
  • Whether we are working with a client to fill a role, working with a candidate to find their ideal position we appreciate each other’s contributions and abilities 

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